Narasiha Gatha Saha Lowada Sagara Kavi

by Sooriya Records


Naraseeha Gatha includes the verses sung by Princess Yasodhara to her son Rahula, when she first sighted the Buddha – the then husband and father – coming to Kapilavastupura after seven years.

Written by ven. Vidagama Maha Maithri thero, Lowada Sagara Kavi describes the Buddhist teachings in the Sinhala language to make it easy for people to understand the Buddhism.

Label: Sooriya

Genre: Religious

Type: Cassette

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Narasiha Gatha Saha Lowada Sagara Kavi

Pirith Chanting: Vidagama Maithree Maha Thero

Vocals: Neela Wickramasinge, T.M. Jayarathne

Music Direction: C. de S. Kulathillake

Recording Engineer: Donald Ivan

Cover Design: Ananda Harischandra

Type: Cassette

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