Lama Gee 2

by Sooriya Records


A collection of Children’s songs.

Label: Sooriya

Genre: Children’s

Type: Cassette

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Lama Gee 2

Track list

Side 1

1.Gamaralata Kotuwak

2.Ambili Mame

3.Koheda Yanne Rukmani

4.Nil Ahas Thale

5.Wehi Wehela

Side 2

1.Geetha Kathawa

2.Monawada Amme

Vocals: Gration Ananda, Shiromalie Peries, Shanika Peries, Niluka Peries, Sanjeewa Peries

Melodies: Stanley Peiris

Music Direction: Stanley Peiris

Recording Engineer: Mervyn Bainsz, Mudita Kubukage

Recording Studio: Necko Studio

Special Effects: Mangala Premadasa

Cover Design: Ananda Harischandra

Type: Cassette

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