Dhajagga Piritha

by Sooriya Records


Dhajagga Piritha is a chanting for protection against fear, trembling and horror.

Bojjanga Piritha, the Discourse on Factors of Enlightenment includes Pirith recited to Maha Kasssapa Thera, Maha Moggallana Thera and Pirith recited by Maha Chunda Thera.

The Girimananda Sutta has been used as a subject for meditation as well as a means for the healing of suffering.

Isigila Sutta is the Discourse At Isigili.

Label: Sooriya

Genre: Religious

Type: Cassette

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Dhajagga Piritha

Track list

1.Dhajagga Piritha

2.Bojjanga Piritha

3.Girimananda Sutta

4.Isigila Sutta


Catalogue Number: GDNU 24

Pirith Chanting: Ahangama Ananda Thero, Kamburugamuwe Sugathawansa Thero, Kamburugamuwe Wimalawansa Thero, Palane Mahinda Thero

Recording Engineer: Mervyn Rodrigo

Type: Cassette

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