Parithrana Deshana

by Sooriya Records


Includes Khanda Piritha (Protection of the Aggregates), Mora Piritha (The Peacock’s Prayer for Protection), Chanda Piritha (The Moon Deity’s Prayer for Protection), Suriya Piritha (The Sun Deity’s Prayer for Protection), Chathura Rakhya Piritha


Label: Sooriya

Genre: Religious

Type: Cassette

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Parithrana Deshana

Track list

1.Khanda Piritha

2.Mora Piritha

3.Chanda Piritha

4.Suriya Piritha

5.Chathura Rakhya Piritha


Pirith Chanting: Ahangama Ananda Thero, Palane Mahinda Thero, Welegoda Dhammajothi Thero, Naotunne Revatha Thero

Type: Cassette

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