Traditional drums of Sri Lanka

by Sooriya Records


A collection of traditional Sri Lankan drum rhythms by renowned musicians and bands

Label: Sooriya

Genre: Traditional

Type: Cassette

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Traditional drums of Sri Lanka

Track list

Side 1

1.Ceremonial Drums – Pani Bharatha

2.Giri Devi – Police Reserve Hewisi Band

3.Drum Orchestra – Police Reserve Hewisi Band

4.Drum Orchestration Variations – Police Reserve Hewisi Band

5.Raban Pada (Hand Drums) – Ariyapala Gurunnanse and others

6.Magul Bera (Ruhunu) – C. de S Kulatilleke

7.Drums from Nadagam Theater – C. de S Kulatilleke


Side 2

1.Kandyan Drums – Pani Bharatha

2.Hewisi – Police Reserve Hewisi Band

3.Pancha Thurya Nada – Pani Bharatha

4.Drum Orchestra – C. de S Kulatilleke

5.Drum Orchestration Variations – C. de S Kulatilleke

6.Wadigapatuna – Pani Bharatha

7.Devol Pada – Pani Bharatha

8.Raban Pada – Ariyapala Gurunnanse and others


Drums: Pani Bharatha, Police Reserve Hewisi Band, Ariyapala Gurunnanse and others, C. de S Kulatilleke

Cover Design: Nilani Perera

Type: Cassette

Listen to song snippets

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