handmade Black Tea

by Kaley Tea


Kaley Teas are grown naturally and are made with the finest leaves that are hand-picked, withered by forest winds and handmade by artisans, whose heart beats echo in evert drop of Kaley Tea

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handmade Black Tea

Kaley Tea come from a single tea garden in a rural village in southern lowlands of Ceylon. Sunshine and tropical monsoons typical of the lowlands, cool mist akin to the highlands, gusty dry winds, a feature of the eastern slops of central mountains, protected virgin soil and natural streams and springs nourish our terroir. Multitudes of forests surround our garden and meander to Ceylon’s largest rainforest: the Sinharaja.

Let’s brew the perfect cup of Kaley handmade Black Tea

  • 5 gms of Kaley Tea.
  • 150 ml of water at 1000C
  • 30 seconds to 1-minute, multiple infusions

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Kaley Tea

Kaley forest garden teas are picked from a single source in the pristine regions of Kotapola, located in the southern lowlands of Sri Lanka.

Forest fresh, hand picked, hand rolled carefully fermented, dried and packed for discerning, highly quality conscious customers.

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