graceful Green Tea

by Kaley Tea


It’s packed with loads of natural goodness.

Black twisty tea leaves, unusual for a green tea, turn into a luscious leafy green with an infusion, revealing a light golden liquor.

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graceful Green Tea

A light leafy coloured cup. An air of bee’s honey envelopes a mild vegetal fragrance. Addictively mild notes of seaweed float in sync with a fishy vibe. Trifling sweet flavours provide a striking counterpoint. Extremely delicate on the palate.

After meals, sip Kaley’s graceful Green Tea.

Let’s brew the perfect cup of Kaley graceful Green Tea

  •  5 gms of Kaley graceful Green Tea.
  • 150 ml of water at 800C
  • 30 seconds to 1-minute, multiple infusions

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Kaley Tea

Kaley forest garden teas are picked from a single source in the pristine regions of Kotapola, located in the southern lowlands of Sri Lanka.

Forest fresh, hand picked, hand rolled carefully fermented, dried and packed for discerning, highly quality conscious customers.